everything starts here..

Day One

Yes, it has become day one from years ahead that i’ll live. Like now, it’s useless to complain (especially on twitter), no one’s going to understand what i wrote there.

Okay, i’ll try to write again, try to update again, try to be a reminder again.

Let’s start a life again. I’ve done the 1st step “make peace to myself”. Thank you FKD for those words you said at J.Co, it helps me a lot.

Good luck MM, i think your destiny is much more greater than just being in Indonesia, you’ll go worldwide!

Well ATH, maybe if i have time i will record our songs, i’ll tell you when it’s done then we can record your voice,then publish our songs like we did.

See you guys..

“got no choice but to fight till it’s done, so fight on..” – War Of My Life by Uncle John

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